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Employee Productivity, Engagement & Accountability

How do you help your employees achieve and sustain their best, consistently?

Now that you have hired the right people, you need to help them perform at their best consistently. Research shows that the best run organizations do these three things well.

  1.  Set clear, detailed job definitions and expectations (accountabilities) for their peopleEE Engagement
  2.  Align those accountabilities with the organization’s strategic focus
  3.  Acknowledge and reward employees’ efforts toward the first two


When these three key factors are combined, employees can focus on what will be the most impactful for the organization.

There are three universal psychological needs we all have:

  • Mastery – Being the best at what we do
  • Autonomy – Determining how we do our job
  • Belonging – Feeling we are part of a team


The more our job (and company) honors these three needs the more fulfilled, engaged and motivated we are and the more we give our best consistently.

Clear, detailed job definitions (what does “Great” look like in the job) allows employees to focus on becoming the very best at what they do (mastery).  Company support, encouragement and acknowledgement (celebrating success) provide positive reinforcement for these efforts to continue to grow.

Allowing employees the freedom to determine “How” they will achieve in their job, honors our inherit need for autonomy.

This combination creates an incredible sense of belonging that just can’t be achieved any other way.


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